PFERD E-Commerce

Whether in the PFERD online shop, EDIFACT or nexMart – you are able to order PFERD tools at any time, wherever you are located. PFERD makes all the data required for your inventory management systems available to you in the desired format, including proficlass and eClass.

PFERD is a leader in development, production and consultation, as well as distribution of tool solutions for work on surfaces and material cutting. Make use of our expertise and our premium image to improve the relevance of your online store when it comes to quality tools and drives.

In addition, we will provide you with a high-seller range specially tailored to your needs in e-commerce. With the comprehensive e-commerce range from PFERD, you benefit from a suitably extensive and detailed range in order to make the customer's purchasing decision as easy as possible.

PFERD Shop (B2B)
Electronic catalogues


Digitale Bestellverfahren mit PFERD - Mehr Effizienz im Bestellprozess

Formular zur elektronischen Anbindung unserer Kunden.

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PFERD E-Commerce - Top-selling with PFERD

Modern solutions for increasing your turnover. Digital service for a professional presence at the digital point of sale. Electronic order processing frees up your resources efficiently.

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PFERDSHOP - Individuell, schnell, funktional

Moderne Kundenplattform für schnelle und einfache Bestellprozesse. Mehr Effizienz dank kundenindividueller Informationen und praktischer Funktionen. PFERD-Produkte direkt und unabhängig von Ort und Zeit bestellen.

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New to the e-commerce range

New PFERD products and product range additions especially for online retailers

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