Careful rounding with PFERD diamond brushes

Product news - 02.04.2020

“The rounding of cutting edges is an important factor when it comes to increasing operating time and extending tool life,” said Valentin Löwen, Product Manager at August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG, PFERD tools. After all, systematic rounding protects the cutting edges of stock removal tools against undesirable breaking off and dulling. “A properly rounded cutting edge has significantly higher stability, leading to extended tool life,” added the product manager.

The pros for careful rounding

Abrasive grains are embedded in the flexible plastic filaments of the diamond brushes from PFERD, which means that the trim works on the sides as well as at the tip. Unlike classical brushes, not only the impregnated end of the tool is applied to the workpiece. Instead, depending on the depth of cut, around 20-30% of the trim length is guided along the cutting edge. The brush’s flexibility means that it handles cutting edges with care. With the diamond brushes from PFERD, you retain the sharpness of your tungsten carbide tools and extend tool life as well.

PFERD also offers diamond brushes with wire filament. They are particularly suitable for applications such as descaling. You will find more information and the entire range of diamond brushes here.

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