Abrasive spiral bands, conical

Zirkon abrasive spiral band GSB conical dia. 22-29x30mm Z120 for high stock removal on steel

Item number: 42217176
EAN: 4007220950159
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Dia internal
Grit size
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Technical information

Zirkon abrasive spiral band GSB conical dia. 22-29x30mm Z120 for high stock removal on steel

Dia internal
29 mm
Dia internal, small
22 mm
Grit size
30 mm
RPM, optimum, from
13000 RPM
RPM, optimum, to
19100 RPM
Packaging unit
100 pieces

For coarse grinding work with a high stock removal rate and a long tool life.

GSB = bulk pack of abrasive spiral bands

  • The abrasive spiral band is firmly held in place on the rubber drum holder as the holder expands during use.
  • Excellent tool life due to special manufacturing process – even under the most demanding operating conditions.
  • Maximum economic efficiency thanks to particularly high stock removal rate and aggressive abrasive quality.
Recommendations for use
  • To easily change the abrasive spiral bands, give them a slight clockwise twist and pull them up and off. When doing so, leave the rubber drum holder clamped in the tool drive.
  • To ensure the abrasive spiral band is securely attached, adhere to the minimum speed for the rubber drum holder.
  • Use grinding oil that is suitable for the material in order to significantly increase the tool life and the abrasive performance of the tools.
Ordering notes
  • Please order rubber drum holder separately.
Safety notes
  • The maximum permitted peripheral speed is 30 m/s.
  • For safety reasons, the maximum permitted rotational speed indicated must never be exceeded.
  • Do not allow abrasive spiral bands to protrude beyond the rubber drum holder.
Materials that can be worked
Annealed cast iron
Cast steel
Cobalt-based alloys
Grey/nodular cast iron (GG/GJL, GGG/GJS)
Hardened, heat-treated steels over 1.200 N/mm² (< 38 HRC)
Stainless steel (INOX)
Steel materials with a hardness > 54 HRC
Steels up to 1,200 N/mm² (< 38 HRC)
Step-by-step fine grinding
Surface work
Working on edges
Work on weld seams
Drive types
Flexible shaft drive
Straight grinder
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