Cut-off wheels PSF STEELOX ★★☆☆

cut-off wheel EHT 125x1.0mm X-LOCK flat Universal Line PSF STEELOX for steel/stainless steel

Item number: 61721101
EAN: 4007220113431
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Dia. external
Dia. hole
Mounting system
Packaging unit
Technical information

cut-off wheel EHT 125x1.0mm X-LOCK flat Universal Line PSF STEELOX for steel/stainless steel

Aluminium oxide A
Dia. external
125 mm
Dia. external [inch]
5 Inch
Dia. hole
22.23 mm
Mounting system
RPM, max.
12200 RPM
EHT / 41 / T1
1 mm
Packaging unit
25 pieces

The entry-level range Universal Line PSF includes robust tools for processing the most common materials. Universal Line PSF tools achieve good results with high economic efficiency.

Cut-off wheel for steel and stainless steel (INOX) with high cutting performance and good tool life.

Workers all over the world Trust Blue and choose the thin cut-off wheels from PFERD. The PFERD product range includes thin cut-off wheels in various designs and therefore the right tool solution for any application – ergonomically optimized, efficient and with the highest level of safety. The thin cut-off wheels from PFERD are characterized by their special bond formulation. Intensive research and development work combined with systematic implementation in state-of-the-art production facilities guarantee PFERD’s high quality and safety standards.

The Bosch X-LOCK system for angle grinders enables you to change tools quickly and easily. Instead of a round centre hole, the X-LOCK system features an X-shaped contour, which allows the tool to be fixed on the angle grinder in a form-fitting manner. This means different kinds of tools can be clamped in a reliable manner in a very short space of time. The unique system meets the highest of quality and safety standards and can withstand rough and harsh application conditions.|X-LOCK from Bosch is the world's first quick-changing system for angle grinders: Position the tool in the X-LOCK holder, click it into place – and you're ready! It's never been so easy to change accessories on angle grinders. X-LOCK is creating a new standard which makes professionals’ lives easier and increases their productivity. Bosch Power Tools relies on strong partners like PFERD. PFERD has developed the principle for connecting the X-LOCK punched part with the bonded abrasive, flap discs and brushes and created the conditions to enable them to be produced industrially.

  • Suitable for general use on steel and stainless steel (INOX).
  • Fast work progress thanks to high cutting performance.
  • High economic efficiency due to good tool life.
  • Ideal for cordless angle grinders.
  • With X-LOCK arbor for quick and easy tool changing.
  • Thin cuts with minimal burr formation.
  • Convenient and safe.
  • Fast cutting.
  • Secure fixing as the tool audibly clicks into place.
  • Cut-off wheels with X-LOCK can also be used on traditional angle grinders with M14 and 5/8"-11 threads.
Recommendations for use
  • Place the tool on the X-LOCK quick-change system of your angle grinder and secure it by lightly pressing it down. The tool will audibly click into place.
  • Loosen the tool by actuating the lever.
Materials that can be worked
Stainless steel (INOX)
Cutting of profiles
Cutting of sheet metal
Cutting of solid material
Cutting out holes
Drive types
Angle grinder
Cordless angle grinder


recommends using thin cut-off wheels to achieve perfect results in no time.


recommends using thin cut-off wheels in order to sustainably reduce the vibration, noise and dust that arise during use and improve working comfort.

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