POLICAP cones cylindrical shape with radius end (WRC)

POLICAP abrasive cap PC cylindrical shape with radius end SiC dia. 5x11 mm SIC-COOL80 for aluminium

Item number: 42302054
EAN: 4007220953716
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Dia. external
Grit size
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Technical information

POLICAP abrasive cap PC cylindrical shape with radius end SiC dia. 5x11 mm SIC-COOL80 for aluminium

Silicon carbide SiC/C-COOL
Dia. external
5 mm
Dia. external [inch]
3 /16 Inch
Grit size
11 mm
RPM, optimum
40000 RPM
Packaging unit
50 pieces

POLICAP abrasive caps in cylindrical shape with radius end WRC (previously shape C).

POLICAP tools have a seamless design and the entire tool surface can be used.

Ideal for working on components made from titanium, aluminium and their respective alloys. Excellent for use in aircraft and turbine construction and the associated maintenance work. The special type of grit and active grinding additive in the bond enable cool grinding, reduce the workpiece temperature, and prevent the chips from adhering.

Colour code for silicon carbide SiC-COOL = grey

  • The abrasive caps and abrasive spiral bands are firmly held in place on the holder as the holder expands during use.
  • Good dimensional stability and excellent fine grinding thanks to special manufacturing process.
  • Easy tool change.
Recommendations for use
  • To easily change the abrasive caps and abrasive spiral bands, give them a slight clockwise twist and pull them up and off. When doing so, leave the arbor clamped in the tool drive and attach.
  • For the best results, use at a recommended cutting speed of 10-20 m/s.
Safety notes
  • The maximum permitted peripheral speed is 25 m/s.
  • For safety reasons, the maximum permitted rotational speed indicated must never be exceeded.
Materials that can be worked
Annealed cast iron
Fibre-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP, CRP)
Grey/nodular cast iron (GG/GJL, GGG/GJS)
Titanium alloys
Step-by-step fine grinding
Surface work
Drive types
Flexible shaft drive
Straight grinder
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