TC burrs - EDGE cut

Exact edge shapes can therefore be created in a single step – with either defined chamfers of 30° or 45°, or to a defined radius of 3.0 mm. Among other things, rounding edges is a precautionary measure for anti-corrosion protection according to ISO 12944-3, ISO 8501-3, SOLAS XII/6.3 (Ref. T4/3.01 MSC.1/Circ.1198).


  • Special design for precise guidance.
  • Safe and comfortable to guide.
  • Create exact edge shapes in a single step.

Materials that can be worked:

  • Steel and cast steel
  • Stainless steel (INOX)
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Cast iron
  • Plastics, other materials


  • Defined work on edges
  • Defined deburring
  • Breaking and rounding edges in steel and aluminium construction
  • Rounding edges in preparation for the application of anti-corrosion coatings in shipbuilding, on crane systems and other steel constructions which are exposed to corrosion loading
  • Defined chamfering for weld seam preparation for V-shaped seams (60°, ISO 9692-1)
  • Defined chamfering for edge breaking (45°)

Matching tool drives:

  • Flexible shaft drive
  • Straight grinder
  • Robot
  • Machine tools

Recommendations for use:

  • Use the burrs counter rotationally.
  • In order to produce a fine surface, finally pass them over the edges in the direction of rotation.
  • If possible, use EDGE cut burrs with the PFERD compressed-air straight grinder PG 3/210 with matching guide sleeve EFH PG 3/210 (see the info box on the right).

EDGE Cutting System (ECS)

The EDGE Cutting System consists of burrs with the EDGE cut and a special guide sleeve. The system can be positioned on any conventional drive to ensure optimal guidance during light deburring work.


  • Improved guidance.
  • Can be used with any conventional straight grinder.
  • Burr is interchangeable.


TC burrs - EDGE cut

Here you can find additional useful information.

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Cutting speeds, rotational speeds and cuts

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