TC burrs - TOUGH and TOUGH-S cuts

Tungsten carbide burrs with the TOUGH cut are particularly aggressive and are characterized by high stock removal.

Tungsten carbide burrs with the TOUGH-S cut are characterized by smooth milling and high stock removal.


  • Innovative, special cuts providing exceptional impact resistance.
  • Minimized tooth chipping/breakage, splintering and burr failures due to very robust, high-performance cuts.
  • Can also be used at low rotational speeds.
  • Due to their extreme impact resistance, they can perfectly be used as long-shank variants.
  • Reduced wear on the tool drive due to impact-free work without chatter marks, thanks to the high concentricity.

Materials that can be worked:

  • Cast iron
  • Steel
  • Cast steel
  • The TOUGH and TOUGH-S cuts can be used on materials up to 54 HRC. For harder materials, it is recommended to perform trials beforehand.


  • High-impact applications when using shank extensions
  • Applications with a high angle of surface contact
  • Milling of narrow contours
  • Applications where high rotational speeds are not available

Matching tool drives:

  • Flexible shaft drive
  • Straight grinder

Recommendations for use:

  • For the cost-effective use of burrs, work with higher rotational/cutting speeds.
  • Power recommendation for tool drives:
    • Shank diameter of 3 mm: 75 to 300 watts
    • Shank diameter of 6 mm: from 300 watts
  • Please observe the rotational speed recommendations.


TC burrs - TOUGH and TOUGH-S cuts

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Cutting speeds, rotational speeds and cuts

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